Britt Schuman-Humbert RD, CSSD, CSP, LDN is a clinical dietitian with over 25 years of experience in the field of clinical nutrition and a graduate of Syracuse University. Additionally, she is board certified in pediatric nutrition and a certified specialist in sports dietetics. For 12 years prior to joining Oak City Psychology she worked for the University of North Carolina where she was a clinical dietitian at the UNC Wellness Center and Pediatric Clinical Nutrition Manager.  She has worked with a variety of specialties over the years including pediatrics, neonatology, oncology, dialysis, diabetes, athletes and eating disorders to name a few.  She has taught nutrition at the Art Institute to Culinary Students. 

Britt lives with her husband, two teenage children and 3 dogs. She is an active volunteer in the local rowing community. Her favorite thing to do is make a huge mess in the kitchen cooking for herself and her family.